Kimikarin Day se presenta cómo un evento lúdico y educativo que propone la ciencia cómo actividad de ocio. Si quieres contar con una experiencia Kimikarin en tu pueblo, centro escolar, fiestas locales… ¡lee atentamente!



Los talleres KIMIKARIN se desarrollan mediante un circuito de experimentos. Están organizados por temáticas (ej. Agua, Fuego, Tierra, Aire, Espacio, Naturaleza… 



Eventos pequeños (15- 50) 

Evento Medianos (50-100) 

Eventos Multitudinarios (100 +). 




PEQUEÑOS (6-11 años) , JÓVENES (12-16)



(*) Los participantes podrán llevarse a casa la mayoría de los experimentos y contarán con un libro explicativo para 

poder realizar estos experimentos en casa y entender la reacción del mismo. 

(**) El presupuesto variará según el número de participantes y otras necesidades y deseos del cliente. 

(***) La sesión se podrá desarrollar en Castellano, Euskara o Inglés.

Kimikarin Day is presented as a fun and educational event that proposes science as a leisure activity. If you want to have a Kimikarin experience in your town, school, local parties ... read carefully!


The KIMIKARIN workshops are developed through a circuit of experiments and are organized by themes (eg water, fire, earth, air, space, nature ...)


Small events (15-25).
Medium event (25-50).
Massive events (50+).


SMALL (6-11 years), YOUNG (12-16 years).


(*) Participants can take home most of the experiments and have an explanatory book to perform these experiments at home and understand the reaction of it.
(**) The budget will vary according to the number of participants, hours and other needs and wishes of the client.
(***) The session can be developed in Spanish, Euskara or English.

ScienceCamp is a camp that aims to awaken the most curious side of the youngest (8-14 years of age) in relation to Science. This program will be taught during the months of June and July in different centers.

ScienceCamp is not a camp to use for different reasons. On the one hand, we have the support of qualified personnel in scientific-technical and educational aspects, being this way the team of monitors one of the key pieces of the camp. In short, we seek that the youngest develop personal skills such as teamwork, imagination and creative capacity while assimilating and internalizing the basic concepts of science.

ScienceCamp has dynamics in English and groups, team games, experiments and a weekly outing. All set in four themes and with a methodology of practical and active learning, where playing and learning are merged through different activities and workshops.


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