Kimikarin School is a project aimed at the teachers of Sciences, Physics and Chemistry of the secondary courses. It combines content of experimentation and dynamics of reflection and learning for children. It is a complementary training to KIMIKARIN CLASS, which seeks not only to be a training, but also a support and follow-up tool to support teachers on a day-to-day basis.


    •    Intro: how practicality affects teaching - Learning by doing.

    •    STEM Comprehensive Education.

    •    Temario and experiments for practical education

    •    Assessment system: How do we know what they learn

    •    Monitoring and use of the tool: your guide of Kimikarin experiments.







Kimikarin in Class is presented as a program of reinforcement of laboratory practices directed to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th of the E.S.O. Adapting to the existing agenda, we propose 3 experiments per agenda and a guide of activities, games and complementary dynamics.



  • Three experiments per class depending on the agenda

  • Competences and aptitudes of the student: dynamics, games and complementary activities to the experiments.

  • Didactic material to perform the experiments at home.

  • Kit with all the necessary materials to do all the activities in class

  • Assessment system to ensure the learning process and validate the acquisition of basic scientific concepts.


  • 1 hour classes

  • 8 hours monthly program.

  • Quarterly program 24 hours. 


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